The One-Click Chart Method

You have to create a bunch of charts. You usually select all of the defaults in the Chart Wizard. Can you speed up the process?

The Excel Chart Wizard is a very useful tool, especially if you’re making several changes to the standard chart format or you want a little guidance on what type of chart to create from your data. At other times, the Chart Wizard just seems to get in the way and it can slow you down. This is particularly true if you need to create several Excel charts, and you want the task done as fast as possible.

If you’re faced with this latter scenario, there is a much quicker way to get the job done – you actually can create a chart from your data with a single click.

You can create a chart with one keystroke! Select the data, including the headings and row labels, as shown in Figure.

Press the F11 key or (Alt+F1). Try both and see the difference. The data is charted (on a new chart in case of F11)  sheet, as shown in Fig

Hope this will help you in some context.

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