Moving Bar chart in MS Excel

It’s very important to learn some simple tricks to go on the way of preparing “DASHBOARD”. Here we’ll learn one part of the dashboard.

The circled part is what we’ll learn here. Let’s say you want to show 50% of some target as completed. Here is how it works.

1> Create a bar chart by taking any number between 0 to 100. It looks as below image.

2> Go to format Axis and change the min, (0) max (100), Major unit and minor unit as below image.

3> “Delete” both the axis.

4> Format Chart Area.  Make fill color to “no color” and Border color to “no color”.

5> Insert New Shape, just little bigger than the graph.

6> Send the shape behind the graph. It’ll look like the below image.

7> Connect the cell marked (50) as per your requirement and see the changes on graph.

Note: restrict the cell value from 0 to 100 by “data validation”.

Hope this helped you. Thanks

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