Catchy Resumes : Small Handy Tips

Here are few points to make the resume more catchy with the same content.

Recruiters prefer people to send them PDF resume’s because it looks the same on the screen and easier to be printed out. They like PDF because they are like pictures, they load fast. Word is completely acceptable, but it shows some formatting queues can be distracting. Especially with tables.

Recruiters recommend to use PDF when possible, and use tables and lists, bullet points etc. The resume should be a presentation of you with a modern layout. Not just a list of bullets along the left side.

MS Word to PDF

PDFs offer more certainty. Senders don’t have to worry about what version of the software the recipient has, or their default software or printer settings that might alter my formatting. PDFs are also compressed by definition, which makes the files smaller, and I use the ‘reduce file size’ feature to compress further, if necessary.

It’s also recommended that resumes should be in an alternate ‘scannable’ format, for use when uploading to a website or sending to a company that might use scanning software.

If the company or job board has specific instructions about file format, then please follow their instructions.

 It’s very easy to convert MS Word to PDF

File >> Save As >>   and look at the above image.

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